Hi my name is Faehima Khan. I am BA student my majors are in legal studies and English. I am the youngest of four children and I was brought up in a good Muslim home. My goals is to finish my 1st degree by the age of 20 and starting my 2nd. My goal is to become a practising attorney and I wish to make a difference in society. My life quotations is “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass its about learning to dance in the rain”.

the human touch

people need each other

In reality I am apart of many religious groups in the area my family also provides meals for the people who visit the clinics on Fridays. In virtual reality I am a apart of mxit, face-book and twitter.

I use these social networks to keep in contact with friends and family and to post activities which I participate in. Facebook is a good social networking device. It allows you to create and maintain a profile, which can be used to tell other people more about you. On your profile you can edit things such as your profile picture, gender, birth date, residents, family, relationship status, political views, religion, activities, hobbies, interests, favourite music, favourite movies, favourite TV shows, favourite quotations, favourite books, about me information, contact details and education and work.  the statics of social networkingFacebook can be accessed from www.facebook.com . People under the age of 13 are not allowed to use facebook. You can report bad behaviour. You can also unfriend and block people you dislike Mxit is good as it allows you to keep in contact with friends and family and is relatively cheap or free. I recently left the social networking life as it become a distraction. Mxit can be accessed by www.mxit.com . mxit chartrooms have moderators that will kick out people who are rude. I use facebook and mxit for about 1hr per week wchich is about +-10minutes a day. The community group I joined with my family provides meals for the less fortunate which is needed in every community. We try to help as much as we can as people go through hard times and its good to give assistants.

peoples obsessionbeen obsessed with something makes it your drug

it shows in relity people do become obsessed with material objects

Articles http://news.discovery.com/tech/is-online-social-networking-good-or-bad.html have shown that university students have withdrawal symptoms with the lack of technology but building a online status while you sitting alone is not important too me. God put people meet and talk to real people the body mind and soul needs the human touch. People also follow things because its popular and have no real personality. People have lost the true sense of humanity. Social networking also takes too much time which is generally a waste. Friends lists are filled with people who are NOT actual friends. It damages the real life socialization. People whom you’d rather not talk to finds and contacts you. Generally not helping relationships cause it may cause ridiculous jealousy. Face-to-face communication is the sort of communication that has been around for the longest time. This long time has taught us to understand the other being better and better.

http://thewinonline.com/articles/face-face-communication-5-reasons-why-its-still-important Guidance: All of us are looking for guidance to aid us in finding various types of information. Seeking and offering guidance based upon real experience lends to your credibility and trustworthiness no matter what the topic. Honesty: No one likes to be taken advantage of. Filtering through the vast amount of information to try to find truly valuable and hones pieces can be a daunting task for any subject matter. Face to face communication provides us with the opportunity to gauge the honesty of information through facial expression, body language and tone of voice. Mentoring: There’s no question that mentoring aids in the retention of employees. It also provides a great opportunity to communicate face to face and get to know others on a more personal level. Value: face to face communication can solidify or enhance the value proposition of any transaction. Technology is a wonderful and necessary communication tool but it is only of many and too often it is used in place of an opportunity to talk face to face. Keep in mind the importance and value of face to face communication and try to use it more often. It’s a great way to build and maintain relationships.