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a recent article has mentioned that the Somalian  minister has urged for peacemakers to be deployed  in Mogadishu!/MSPSltd

Attack to Bourbon Hector in the Indian Ocean 04/09/11 at 0946 UTC which has recently taken place which shows the pirates are still at large!/365daysofpirate

this article shows India has found proof about Pakistan assisting and training pirates of Somalia.!/PaulSmelliott

a view from a public member about the attacks his opinion “I like to picture Somalian pirates as cartoon characters that set out a sign saying “port these wey <–” before they ambush with ACME bombs” a bit of a humorous view.!/BillofRightsKin


The government of Somaliland, a self-declared republic that is internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia,  has adopted stringent anti-piracy measures, arresting and imprisoning pirates forced to make port in Berbera.